Mithilalok Foundation is a socio - economic and cultural organization that functions primarily as a social enterprise in the area of social, economic and cultural rights for all Maithils who have been living in Mithila region of Bihar or whose origin relates to this area even if they are scattered throughout the nation and the world.
Mithilalok prides itself on seeking "social, economic and cultural protection and revival" by carrying out projects for economic and social rights in collaboration with Maithils living in India or abroad. The organization focuses its work specifically on issues of culture, education, trade and growing aspirations of Maithils. The organization operates from its main office from Delhi and has branches in main cities in Bihar. The mission of the Mithilalok Foundation is "to work for the recognition and enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights as a powerful tool for promoting overall growth for Maithils and Mithila. Incorporated in 2016 as a Trust, Mithilalok Foundation is headed by Dr Birbal Jha, an eminent educationist, entrepreneur and author. The Foundation has its head-office in Delhi, India. The Foundation is committed to advancing the socio-economic and cultural development in Mithila. In recent times, through Paag Bachao Abhiyan (Save the Paag Campaign), it has been assiduously making attempts to revive Mithila culture and find suitable solutions to the long-standing problems of Mithila and Maithils living in the region
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