Save the Paag Campaign

Paag, an equivalent to cap, has been in vogue in all cultures of the world irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Working as a head-gear, Mithila cap, Paag, dates back to pre-historic time when it was made of leaves of plants
and the Nomad used to wear leaves to cover their bodies. Perhaps, Paag is the oldest form of cap in human civilization. Today, it needs modification to keep it pace with the time. Mithilalok endeavours to create a social revolution with an appeal to Maithils in common to protect the prestige of Mithilanchal for wearing Paag. Paags designed and developed by Mithilalok are of different shades, colours and shapes considering fitting and suitability.
Paag March

February 28, 2016 may well be described as a red-letter day in the history of Mithila because, for the first time, a large number of Maithils was seen marching on the road of National Capital, Delhi with their heads covered with ethnic Mithila Paag.
The landmark road virtually came to a standstill to see the surge of headcounts crowned with the red Paag as the people from all walks of life came out from Rajendra Bhawan, nearby ITO, to join the procession. For a while, it looked that Delhi was turned into Mithila.
Paag as 'State Cap’

A number of seminars, workshops etc. would be organized to appeal the people for wearing Paag. Meanwhile, a
Memorandum would be submitted to the Government of Bihar to declare Paag as 'State Cap'. This will be preceded by a slew of processions from panchayat to district headquarters to the State Capital.
Cultural Activities

Mithilalok will organize several cultural and musical concerts convening get-together programmes at different places within the country and especially in Mithilanchal.
Cultural programmes aim at projecting the value of recreation and social awareness.
Seminar & Workshop

It aims to improve, harness and utilize intellect and wisdom of learned people.
Mithilalok will hold seminar and workshops for intellectual and religious discourse and for overall growth and prosperity of the region.
Entrepreneur Summit

The Summit aims at 'Maithil-to-Maithil' connection— one Maithil to another for their emotional bonding, relationship, social contact and overall growth, then making
scope for business development through its diverse networks. Maithil Start-up Summit envisages to offer platform to those who have just forayed into business and relatively new entrants in business spectrum.
Mithila Tourism

The organization will ply vehicles for the sake of Mithila Darshan, taking tourists and pilgrims to all tourist places like birth places of Sita in Sitamarhi, Mandan Mishra, Ayachi Gram etc,.
About 100 places have been identified where bus services will begin working. Later on, there is a plan to bring in Tourist Guide to promote tourism.
Mithila Archives

It will archive, preserve and protect intellectual and scholarly assets from the Mithila belt.
Awards & Recognition

In order to encourage, promote, facilitate and recognize talents of people of its region who are working in diverse fields,
Mithilalok will organize Award Ceremony. It will comprise a panel of distinguished persons. The panel so formed will facilitate awards to the achiever for their performance and achievements. The Award Ceremony will be organized at different auditoriums / venues time to time.
Youth Centre

A plan is afoot to establish Youth Centres in all metros, tier-II and tier-III cities to provide the requisite assistance to students, job-seekers and migrants from the region of Mithila.
A plan is afoot to establish Youth Centres in all metros, tier-II and tier-III cities to provide the requisite assistance to students, job-seekers and migrants from the region of Mithila.
Documentary Making

Mithilalok will shoot or rope in established film/documentary personality to produce documentary/biopic on Arts, monuments, tangible and intangible heritage of Mithila.
Mithila Mandir

Mithilalok is making attempts assiduously to prepare replica of Mithiladham consisting religious places and lives of the Mithila people at designated campuses/places which can attract tourists from India and abroad.